New Year’s Resolutions… in April

Two New Year's Resolutions postcards
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Today is day 103 =  3-1/2 months = week 15 of this year, and where are we with our previously-new resolutions? My list has been:

  • Study Japanese everyday
  • Go to gym ~3 times a week
  • Do weekly budget
  • Iron clothes
  • Take vitamins

I’ve certainly not studied Japanese everyday, not even close… despite what Khatzumoto has to say about it, I haven’t been able to consistently do it with my work schedule (although that shouldn’t be an excuse).

I’ve intermittently been to the gym, although also not 3 times a week as prescribed, again, secondary to work… but at $500/year, it’s not something I should be ignoring!

I have keep up to date with my budget, with an elaborate spreadsheet for tracking debt/assets and using assiduously.

As far as ironing goes, I do want to look good for work (and play!) and so iron when necessary, but it’s fairly common to see a dozen shirts draped over a chair waiting for the touch of steam. I got a new Rowenta iron (yes, a German-made one) so I’ll try to keep on top of that better.

And vitamins, even though I set an alarm every night to remind me to take them, I just can’t bring myself to pop in the Centrum… and calcium… and vitamin B complex tabs. They’re easy and certainly help since I don’t get any sunlight, and they sit right on my table, but… I have no excuse.

I know it’s a joke to make fun of new year’s resolutions and how no one ever keeps them, but what if we did? Imagine how much healthier a population we’d have, eating well and exercising, not abusing substances, doing jobs we loved, in happy relationships, Getting Things Done, living in clean houses, taking time to play everyday…